other fandoms

Unless it's lies or it's love (American Idol RPF, Adam/Kris)
Aka the kidfic AU. For Kradam BigBang 2010.

What's Past Is Prologue (Swordspoint, Richard/Alec)
For Yuletide 2009. Based on the novel by Ellen Kushner.

Five New Love Truths You Need to Know (Dykes to Watch Out For, Janis)
For Yuletide 2009. Based on the comics by Alison Bechdel.

New York (American Idol RPF, Adam/Kris)
What happened in New York.

Spend the light to go (American Idol RPF, Adam/Kris)
The last night of tour.

Burn It Up (American Idol RPF, Adam/Kris, NC-17)
Adam and Kris get trapped in a closet.

Here Where We Are (American Idol RPF, Adam/Kris)
Truth or dare.

Look Up (Ma Vie En Rose, Chris and Ludo)
For Yuletide 2007.

a hemisphere of light (Freedom and Necessity, Susan/James)
For Yuletide 2006. Based on the novel by Steven Brust and Emma Bull.

Sort of Fading Now (The Reverberation Remix) (Firefly, Gen)
For Remix Redux IV, based on Zulu's Sort of Fading Now.

Edge (Stargate: Atlantis, Dex and Sheppard)
Fighting Ronon Dex is like walking on the edge of losing, never more than a couple of moves away from getting pounded.

Of Giant Toads and Octupi (Stargate: Atlantis, McKay/Dex)
There was a breeze coming in from the direction of those hills behind which the sun was setting; the breeze was cold and damp and smelled bizarrely of dryer sheets.

Long Way To Fall (Stargate: Atlantis, McKay/Sheppard)
For the Dangling Challenge at Stargate Atlantis Flashfiction

Aftermath (Stargate: Atlantis, MacKay/Sheppard)
Birthday fic for Gurrier. Spoilers for "The Storm" and "The Eye".

Untitled Ficlet (Wilby Wonderful, Dan/Duck.)

Trajectory (Men With Brooms, Gen)
For Midsummer Santa 2005.

PLEASE NOTE: if you want to record my stories as podfic, or remix them, or make art or vids or whatever else involving them, you don't have to get my permission. Please credit me for the original work; otherwise, go nuts.