Nine Times Lucky (dS, Frannie/Elaine)
Elaine smacked her lips when she was sleeping. (17/06/2006)

Off Course (dS, Ray/Ray, explicit)
Ray Vecchio is not that kind of guy. (17/04/2006)

Comment Fic (various fandoms and pairings, rated gen through explicit)

Of Giant Toads and Octupi (SGA, McKay/Dex)
There was a breeze coming in from the direction of those hills behind which the sun was setting; the breeze was cold and damp and smelled bizarrely of dryer sheets. (02/01/2006)

The Drive Home (dS, F/K)
Ray's tired. (19/10/2005)

Puzzles and Priorities (dS, F/K)
It's only eight o'clock at night, but it's raining hard and there's nothing on TV, so Ray has decided him and Fraser ought to go to bed early and fuck. (14/10/2005)

Edge (SGA, Sheppard and Dex)
Fighting Ronon Dex is like walking on the edge of losing, never more than a couple of moves away from getting pounded. (22/09/2005)

Untitled (SGA, McKay/Sheppard)
There was a biologist in Rodney's chair in the mess hall. (26/05/2005)

Untitled (dS, Ray/Ray)
Ray knows they're going to have a fight. He can feel it coming on, straining the edges of the day like water in a balloon, all Kowalski's normal ticks grating on his nerves like sandpaper. (25/05/2005)

Untitled (Wilby Wonderful, Dan/Duck)
Dan got out of the hospital on a Thursday afternoon. (24/05/2005)

Cuffs (dS, F/K, explicit, mild bondage)
It's dim in here, just the one lamp on Ray's bedside table turned on, all the blinds drawn closed. Ray is standing barefoot in the middle of the bedroom floor, and Fraser is taking off Ray's clothes. (23/04/2005)

Untitled (dS, F/K, explicit)
In the mirror that morning, Fraser's face is too pale. His eyes are ringed with shadows, as though punched; his mouth looks hard and bitter. "Enough of this," he murmurs. "Enough." (21/04/2005)

Discretion (dS, Frannie/Elaine, explicit)
See, it's not like Frannie planned on falling for a girl. (10/02/2005)

Housesitting (dS, Ray/Ray, explicit)
"Tough guy," Kowalski says, "That's kind of sexy, Vecchio." (06/11/2004)

Blood Knowledge (dS, F/K)
For the "Dief" challenge at dS Flashfiction. (25/10/2004)

Proverbs (dS, Fraser, gen)
For the "Anywhere But Here" challenge at dS Flashfiction (96/10/2004)